22 Trophies at Oceania Tournament

In May 2017 we travelled to NZ to compete in the Oceania Tournament. This is an International competition for students training in Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Martial Arts System.

KICKS Newington took 17 young student over to New Zealand to compete this year.  They returned to Australia after a hectic but fun filled weekend with 22 trophies.

The martial arts for kids training not only teaches them to defend themselves; it also builds confidence and teaches strong positive character traits.  Three of the students were selected for the Grand Champions division and had to perform their techniques and forms at the Oceania Tournament  Awards Banquet in front of a large audience of fellow martial artists.  These young children overcame any nervousness and performed brilliantly for the excited crowd.

The success of KICKS Newington’s students at the Oceania Tournament in NZ didn’t go unnoticed back here in Australia. Featuring on the back page of our local newspaper is an article covering the event. You can read the article online here… Review Article Of KICKS Success

Oceania Tournament 2017

The Oceania Tournament is an International Event

While it is mostly Aussies and Kiwis attending, the Oceania Tournament is open Internationaly for all students of Kenpo 5.0.  The location of the Oceania Tournament changes each year to provide variety and a balance for the participants.

Members of KICKS are always invited to compete at this tournament. It’s a great goal to set for young children.  They know if they train properly then they can travel and compete to show their skills and test themselves against other kids from around the World.

The Oceania Tournament is often timed to coincide with the annual visits of Mr. Speakman (9th Degree Black Belt & Founder of Kenpo 5.0). Mr. Speakman often travels with his top students and they love coming downunder to compete and to see how everyone is progressing in their martial arts journey.

Each year Mr. Speakman hosts his own Kenpo 5.0 Tournament in las Vegas, USA.  Students from over 160 martial arts schools across 27 countries join together as a family to train, compete and learn.  The art of Kenpo 5.0 continues to grow and adapt to stay at the leading edge of self defence.

We look forward to taking a team of students to Las Vegas in August 2017 to represent KICKS and Australia.

If you would like your children to join a KICKS Martial Arts School to build their confidence and learn leadership skills then contact us today


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