What Aged Children Does Kicks After School Cater For?

Kicks is ideal for children aged 5yo-12yo at Primary School

How Many Days Per Week Should My Children Attend Kicks?

The Kicks After School program ensures they develop a strong study routine and their Martial Arts training will boost their physical development and self confidence. We suggest a minimum of 2 days per week, more days per week is highly recommended.  One day per week is difficult for for young children to learn and retain the skills we teach so we encourage families to aim for at least two days.

How Much Does The Pick-Up Service Cost?

It’s FREE for all children at “In Zone” Schools near our Kicks Locations. Contact your local KICKS After School to check if your child’s school is serviced by our KICKS Buses.

When Do I Pick My Children Up After Kicks?

Children can be collected from our KICKS Locations by Parents or designated guardians between 6:00-6:30pm each night.

What Martial Arts Will My Children Learn?

We will teach your children a Modern Martial Art system ideal for giving your children the self defence skills needed to keep them safe and build their confidence.  Our Full System is Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 however in the KICKS Program we teach them Kenpo Fundamentals.  They can progress into the full system as a teenager at our Kenpo 5.0 Training Facility.

Is Learning Martial Arts Safe For My Children?

Yes. We teach Forms and Techniques which they practice on our Instructors. There is no sparring between the children until they earn their higher belt levels and we know they can perform controlled sparring. We want the children to learn the skills, get stronger and fitter and have a great time on their Martial Arts journey. We grade the children every 3 months to give them set goals and ensure they keep progressing.

Is there a Government rebate or subsidy on Kicks After School fees?

No, we are not an OOSH and we do not receive any Govt rebates on our fees. Although we have School Pick-up Service and provide a Study Space for Children to sit and do their homework we are primarily a Martial Arts School teaching Martial Arts and Leadership Skills.

Kicks After School program is a proven system for advancing your children’s physical and mental development with martial arts training, leadership skills lessons, character building lessons and structured social group activities.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Child After School

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