FAQ About KICKS Franchises

Do I Need Certain Qualifications To Operate A KICKS Franchise?

Yes. A current Blue Card and First Aid Certificate are required for all adults working with children.

What Type Of Training Will I Receive As A KICKS Franchisee?

We will provide training and support for you to get started correctly and quickly.  The children’s lesson plans and weekly content is already organised for you with the full year mapped out clearly so that there is no guess work involved in the daily running of your business.  We offer ongoing support to ensure you learn how to run your business.

Will I Have A Protected Territory?

Yes, you will have a set territory that encompasses local schools dedicated to your location.  This also allows us to help with marketing and promotion prior to opening for business so that you can build a waiting list of eager families ready to join your KICKS After School program.  When opening new locations we ensure there is no cross over or poaching of students between KICKS Franchises.

Will I Receive Guidance On Purchasing Equipment?

Yes. We know exactly what is required for the operation of a successful KICKS After School Franchise and all that infomation will be provided to you in the Operations Manual you receive as a KICKS Franchise Partner.

Does The Business Shut Down During School Holidays?

We have great success running Holiday Activities during School Holidays.  This keeps your business running and provides an extra level of service for busy working parents that want to know their children are safe and happy while they are stuck at work.  KICKS Franchises normally close over the Christmas Holiday period when most businesses shut and parents are at home or travelling with their children.


Do I Need Teaching Experience To Be A KICKS Franchise Owner?

Teaching experience is a bonus but not a requirement for owning a KICKS After School Franchise.  We supply pre-programmed teaching materials for the children and we can help you with sourcing tutors and/or martial arts instructors to work in your location.  The most important thing is that you like working with children and are prepared to invest 20hrs a week managing your business. It is a requirement for owners to be present and work in the business as an owner operator.

Do I Need To Own A Location Or Can I Lease/Rent A Location?

The choice is yours. Leasing a location will lower your startup costs but owning your location has long term benefits.  The main thing is that your space has enough room and the correct equipment to function properly 5 days a week.  We can assist you with selecting a location and with negotiating rental terms.

Does KICKS Provide Financing For Potential Franchisees?

We do not offer Financing but we will assist you with preparing a business plan to gain finance approval if required.

I’m Not A Marketing Expert. How Do I Attract Students Into The KICKS After School program?

We have proven marketing strategies which will be supplied in the Operations Manual for you to use promoting your new KICKS location within your territory.  KICKS After School is constantly engaged in brand building activities and we have 24/7 lead capture via our official KICKS After School Website.  All leads generated within your territory are forwarded to you for follow up and enrolment into your business.  We will start marketing within your area as soon as the franchise agreement is signed to start building a waiting list ready for you to open the doors on your own KICKS Franchise.

How Much Money Will I Make?

How much money you make will depend on how well you run your KICKS After School Franchise.  We will not reveal figures in this public space but will openly discuss it with you in person.  We are restricted from providing guaranteed earnings but as a hint you can make an exceptionally good living from running your own KICKS Franchise with part time hours of 20hs/week.  This business is ideal for Teachers or Parents that love spending time with kids.

How Quickly Can I Be Operational With My KICKS Franchise?

All of the course material is ready.  You simply need to select a good location.  You could potentially be up and running within 1 month however this business does follow the local school calendar so main operating times will match your  local schools. 

This Sounds Great, How Do I Get Started?

The first step towards owning your own KICKS After School Franchise starts with contacting us.  If you haven’t already sent in an application, you can do it here… KICKS Franchise Application Form

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