KICKS is a great alternative to after school care. We provide free school pick-up, healthy snacks, martial arts lessons & teaches leadership skills to boost confidence in young children.  Much more powerful than traditional after school care; KICKS will help your child develop into a strong & confident leader.

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KICKS After School Martial Arts & Leadership Program

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Are Your Children Bored At Their Current After School Care?

The KICKS Program focuses on building confidence and strong character in young children. We focus on character building, leadership lessons and martial arts training.  The physical training of Martial Arts is only part of program.  We take time on and off the mat to discuss with the children the positive traits that will help them succeed in life.
The three Core Elements of our program are WISDOM, STRENGTH & KINDNESS.

WISDOM: All children are asked to complete their homework straight after school in a classroom environment free of distraction like TV, Music, Video Games, etc.  We encourage this routine of good study habits before starting their Martial Arts training.

STRENGTH: Children do an hour of Structured Martial Arts (Kenpo Fundamentals) which is a complete system where each child is rewarded by our belt system, which is recognised in 21 countries around the world.  Learning a Martial Art after school not only helps their physical development but also boosts their confidence and teaches leadership skills.

KINDNESS: After children have completed their study & martial arts class they are then rewarded with structured free time where we have dedicated stations promoting interactive team building games and arts & crafts.  This gives them time to be social with friends after school. We have found to get the most out of the program both mentally and physically that a minimum 2 days a week is a good balance… 3 days a week is optimal.

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Happy & Proud Parents Love This After School Care Alternative

“What a fantastic program you have! Thank you for teaching our children the principles of kenpo, for your dedication and a friendly environment!”

Mrs Joshi

“What an amazing effort from all of you at Kicks. Really proud to see how Lili is doing and all the other kids, great discipline and wonderful lifelong lessons being learnt xoxo Thanks! We really appreciate all that you are doing”

Mrs Coubrough

“Kiri and David – thank you for running such a great program and taking care of my two little kindy boys – they love Kicks and the staff there.”

The Farag Family

KICKS Martial Arts System Is Not A Traditional After School Program

Self defense, discipline, self respect and respect for others are just some of the valuable skills we teach within our training sessions at KICKS Martial Arts. We aim to help your child/children achieve their best while relieving you of some of the demands and pressures of work and family life! Let us take care of them for a couple of hours after school to allow them to do their homework, give them a healthy snack and then teach them how to protect themselves from bullies, learn leadership skills and boost their physical development.  When you’re ready to pick them up after work, everybody is ready to enjoy the rest of the evening together as a  family ! Click here for more details about the Kicks Martial Arts

KICKS Boosts Positive Childhood Development With it’s Martial Arts System, Character Development & Leadership Lessons.

“Thank you for all your support with our kids. You are an amazing team, my daughter enjoys every day in KICKS.”

Mr Reyes

Give Your Children Every Advantage In Life, Starting Today!

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KICKS Franchise & Staff Opportunities

New Locations Opening Soon

KICKS is expanding in NSW with new Franchise Locations opening in 2018.  If you are a teacher, martial artist or caring parent interested in operating a KICKS Program in your area then head to our Franchisee Page for more information about this great opportunity...

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