#9 Ways KICKS After School Program Can Change Your Family’s Life

#1 We Keep Them Out Of Trouble

School finishes around 3pm but you work till 5pm (or later) so what do your kids do when you’re not around?

Before KICKS

Kids can cause all kids of trouble, not because they are bad but because they’re bored and without supervision they could get up to all sorts of mischief.


At KICKS they can play safely with friends after school. We have a structured program to keep them busy and out of trouble and it’s FUN.

#2 We Help Avoid The Idiot Box

TV can be fun but it’s a terrible Babysitter, especially when you’re not around to monitor what shows they are watching.  We provide Arts and Crafts to inspire their personal creativity.

Before KICKS

There is a lot of rubbish on TV today that teaches kids bad habits and attitudes, they learn quickly and copy what they see. Staring at the TV also kills their own creativity and imagination.


We keep the kids entertained with Martial Arts Training, Arts & Crafts and Social Play. There’s no reason for them to spend hours sitting around staring at a TV after school.

#3 We Help With Their Homework

Homework needs to be done and we make sure that it’s done ASAP. Our Supervisors are ready to help your kids get their homework done and answer any questions they have. Building solid study habits now will make school pressure much easier in the future.

Before KICKS

School work can be a struggle for kids and parents. You don’t want your kids to fall behind and start hating school.


KICKS Supervisors are ready to help answer questions and ensure the kids understand their school work so they are happy, confident and eager to learn more.

#4 Building Positivity & Confidence

We believe kids are born with a positive attitude and we nurture that at KICKS. We have an Anti-Bully Program to help boost their confidence now to protect them from the negative people they will eventually run into in the future.

Before KICKS

Kids reflect the world around them and unfortunately lonliness, boredom, bullies or tired and stressed people can suck the positivity and confidence out of them which is a terrible shame.


We are always there to keep them smiling after school. KICKS is the safe, fun place where they can play with friends, learn Martial Arts, be creative and laugh out loud 🙂

#5 We Teach Them Courage & Respect

Our Martial Arts Training will teach them Courage. They’ll learn to defend themselves and be confident in their abilities. They will learn to respect themselves and others. They’ll also stay fit and healthy and burn off some of that excess energy before they get home 😉

Before KICKS

Not all kids are fearless, some are shy, quiet or nervous. Maybe they’re scared of spiders or scared of raising their hand in class. Fear can stop them from being Great.


KICKS teaches Kenpo Karate which builds confidence and strength. It also teaches respect and leadership skills. The benefits of learning a Martial Art extend into all areas of life.

#6 We Give You Time Back

It’s a Busy World and it often feels like you’re on a hamster wheel always struggling to get ahead of things. Knowing that your kids are safe and happy in the KICKS After School Program gives you some time to relax.

Before KICKS

It’s called the “Rat Race” for a reason, you’re always rushing from one place to the next and struggling to be everywhere at once. Worrying about your kids being home alone is no good for anyone.


We take care of your kids after school untill you’re ready to pick them up between 6:00-6:30pm. That may give you extra time to do the shopping alone or quickly catchup with a friend after work knowing your kids are safe with us.

#7 Less Stress On You

After a long day the last thing you feel like doing is your kids homework or picking them up and driving them around to a bunch of different activities. KICKS After School Program helps eliminate all that stress.

Before KICKS

You have to pick the kids up from school, make them a healthy snack, drop them off at a friends place or some sports activity, pick them up again, help them with their homework… It can be Exhausting Everyday!

At Kicks

We pick them up from school, we give them a healthy snack, we help them with their homework, we teach them martial arts and then we play games and do arts & crafts until you’re ready to collect them… Doesn’t this sound much easier?

#8 We Can Save You Time & Money

The KICKS After School Program includes a lot. If you had to pay for a babysitter, a tutor, food, arts & crafts lessons and also martial arts lessons seperately it would be very expensive. Plus the time you’d spend organising everything and taking them from place to place.

We offer all of this in one location and it’s all part of our program including the free Pick-Up from their school 🙂

Before KICKS

Yes Kids can be expensive but you want the best for them and trying to provide them with everything can get overwhelming. All the seperate expenses can add up to a nasty surprise unless you find a better way…


At KICKS we have bundled everything into one great package for you and your family. You get a whole lot of value for a fraction of the normal cost. All you need to decide is “How many days each week would you like us to take care of your kids?”

#9 We Make Life Easier For You

The KICKS After School Program runs Monday – Friday and is ready to make your life easier by helping take care of your kids after school.

You can relax with Piece of Mind knowing that they are well looked after and having a great time.

Then you can pick them up and enjoy quality time with them in the evening.

You can pre enroll your kids into KICKS After School Program right now with our simple online form below.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you still have more questions maybe you should check out our FAQ page for more info or if you are ready to GO with KICKS then fill in the online form below.

Pre-Enrol Your Kids Today!

KICKS After School Program is opening new locations now. Check to see if we are in your area and if so then you can pre enroll today using our online form below…

(Note: We have more locations opening in 2017)

Come Along And Join Our KICKS Family…

Expression Of Interest in KICKS

The KICKS After School Program will help boost your child’s mental, physical and social development.

  • Free Pick-up from Surrounding Schools
  • Study Space Provided
  • Healthy Snacks also Provided
  • Martial Arts Training
  • Leadership Skills & Character Building
  • Activity Time (crafts, games, etc)

Let us take care of your child after school by providing a study space void of distractions where they can do their homework and eat a healthy snack before commencing their Martial Arts and Leadership Skills Training. When you are ready to collect them after work they’ll be ready to spend quality family time with you. Please fill in the online Expression of Interest Form and we will contact you about our next available Open Day so you and your children can visit a KICKS After School location near you.

KICKS After School Program

Please select the KICKS location nearest your children's school from the list below and then fill in the online expression of interest form.

KICKS - Epping/Carlingford, NSW

We provide Free School Pick-Up from these Schools

Please fill in & submit your expression of interest in joining our KICKS After School Program in Epping. We will send you additional infomation about KICKS and contact you by phone to answer any questions you may have.
  • (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)
KICKS - Newington, NSW

We provide Free School Pick-Up from these Schools

KICKS - North Strathfield, NSW

We provide Free School Pick-Up from these Schools

Please fill in & submit your expression of interest in joining our KICKS After School Program in North Strathfield. We will send you additional infomation about KICKS and contact you by phone to answer any questions you may have.
  • (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)
KICKS - North Rocks, NSW

We provide Free School Pick-Up from these Schools

We provide free pick-up from the following schools: North Rocks Public School, Murray Farm Public School & Carlingford West Public School. Please fill in & submit your expression of interest in joining our KICKS After School Program in North Rocks. We will send you additional information about KICKS and contact you by phone to answer any questions you may have.
  • (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)

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