Start Your Own 6 Figure Business With Kids

Make 2022 your year to start your own business, be your own boss, work with kids, love what you do…

Be Your Own Boss Working With Kids 40wks/yr & Generate a 6 Figure Income.
Does your Family mean the World to you?

You’d love to work with kids and help the next generation but you feel stuck?  You’re in a job you don’t love but you have a family to provide for and have to keep grinding away?

You want to change so you can spend more time with your own family but you’re not sure how to make it work?

We have a proven system that generates a 6 figure income operating from Mon-Fri, 2:30-6:30pm teaching kids after school. Our system has proven so successful that we are now opening new locations around NSW and we are looking for awesome people like you to own and run these new locations.

There is a large gap that needs to be looked after and if you’re a parent then you know how hard it is to get your own children into a quality location for after school care.  However we are not an “After School Care”. We are an After School Program that teaches Leadership Skills, Character Development & Martial Arts. Parents are loving this alternative and we now have waiting lists in key locations around Sydney.

Build Healthy Habits
KICKS helps set healthy habits by getting the children into a routine of doing their homework straight after school.  We provide study spaces free of distractions (no TV, Music, Video Games).  They need to complete their homework before they get on the mats to train their Martial Arts skills.  Parents love this because it ensures their homework gets done before they get home.
Help Shape Our Future Leaders
As a parent you know how important it is to support your children’s growth.  KICKS is more than just a business, you get to shape lives and help the next generation be the best they can be.  KICKS Franchises are owned and operated by caring Families
This Is A Highly Rewarding Business
You get to shape young lives and help kids learn the skills they need to succeed in life.  Seeing the kids grow up and develop the confidence to take on any challenge is a feeling that’s hard to explain in words.

There’s No Guess Work Involved… We Provide Everything You Need

Our Proven System

We have spent years testing and improving our business model.  This ensures our Franchise Partners are provided proven systems and processes. The risks usually associated with a start-up business or independent business are greatly reduced.  We will provide you with our Blueprint for Success.

Strategic Marketing Programs

Imagine having a waiting list of families wanting to join your KICKS After School Program before you’ve even opened for business.  We have marketing strategies to build that demand in your local area so you can hit the ground running and be profitable ASAP.

KICKS Operations Manual

Our system works and we will share everything with you once you become a KICKS Franchise Partner. We want you to succeed which is why we provide you with all of the information and support that you require to build a hugely successful business of your own.

Pre-Programmed Tablets

Learning is an important part of the KICKS After School Martial Arts System which is why we supply you with pre-programed tablets for your students.

24/7 Lead Generation

We already have a successful website with automated marketing funnels that can capture leads for your new KICKS Location.  You can wake up in the morning and open your email inbox to find the contact details of new families wishing to enrol their kids with you.

Martial Arts Games

You get access to AJ Perry’s Martial Games for Kids. This manual has been used by Martial Arts Instructors around the World to accelerate the development of skills in young students.  Simple games and challenges that can be mixed into training lessons to improve strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, speed, awareness and focus in young kids.  The MG4K Monthly Newsletters also provide additional games and challenges along with excellent marketing advice to promote your business.

International Group

Our Martial Art Student Gradings are Internationally recognized in our system which is taught in 19 Countries around the World. The founder of KICKS After School is the Head Australian Representative for Kenpo 5.0.

Ongoing Business Support

Training and support doesn’t stop when you open your KICKS Location. If required, our Business Development Manager can coach and assist you step by step to fast track your success.

Site Selection & Negotiation

We know exactly what’s required for a KICKS Franchise to operate so we will help you select a suitable site and we can help you negotiate with the landlord if required.

Martial Arts Instructors

Training is an important part of the After School Program. We use our unique trainers program to get all martial arts instructors certified.

Martial Arts Uniforms

Martial Arts Training Uniforms are Branded with KICKS Patches. This makes the kids feel like part of the team and also works as additional marketing out in public via “Word of Mouth” to further promote your business.

KICKS After School Website

We will take care of all your website needs. We have an existing website and your new location will have a feature section created showing your location, your team, operating hours, contact details and it will be capturing leads for your business.

Signage & Branding

KICKS is becoming a recognized and respected Brand in NSW. We will supply you with a Signage Package to assist with branding your location and vehicles for promoting your new location.

A Turnkey Business

We have a proven system for running a highly profitable business and we will help you every step of the way in getting setup so you will have an eager waiting list before you even open. There’s no guess work involved, we will show you step by step how to succeed running your own business. This is the benefit of buying a great franchise.

Additional Income

Our After School Program is just the start. With a full time venue you can add additional income streams to further boost your income and profits.

Our Blueprint For Success Will Become Yours!

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