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Enrol Your Children in KICKS After School

Enrol Your Children in KICKS After School

Enrol Your Children in KICKS After School

“They will blossum in ways you didn’t necessarily expect… They all get a buzz out of the achievement… They’ve all really gained confidence from that… They love being a part of KICKS!”

Sending your kids to KICKS is a really fantastic after school programme to choose. It’s structured, the kids are really treated as individuals, they will blossom in ways that you didn’t necessarily expect and the fact that KICKS is structured and they get their homework done is fantastic for after school when you come and pick them up, because they & you don’t have all the homework hassles later in the week as well. So they’re the things that we love about KICKS and it’s kind of being a part of the KICKS family.

Well we had tried other after school programmes and we were not really very happy with how they were coordinated, and organised, in fact they were very disorganised. So what we loved about KICKS was that it was really structured and organised, it’s close to where we live, which is also nice but it was great that they learnt a physical activity and karate’s not something we would have naturally thought of, and we thought the discipline and just them getting exposure to something different was something to try.

Some of the things that we’ve seen… I have three boys, so they’re all very different. So for my eldest boy Taj something that was really meaningful for him was to become an assistant instructor and to have some training on that, and to be given responsibility. So he really stepped up into that and that’s been really meaningful for him, even at a young age in primary school, to help other people and to be a leader in that. So that’s been really important for him.

For my youngest boy he’s really grown his confidence, that he can try and keep up with his brothers but to also just learn things and develop, and things don’t always come naturally to him and he’s really excited and that’s something that he feels he can do.

For my other son the discipline and just having to be organised and to come has been really great for him. Again they all get a buzz out of the achievement of new stripes and of new belts, and they’ve all really gained confidence from that.

I don’t know what we’re going to do when Taj goes to high school next year. My kids really love coming to KICKS and even if they didn’t have to come, they’d still choose to come. So they love being a part of KICKS.

Kathy Thorne

Mother of 3 Boys

We needed after school care for my son and were looking at options in the area. The fact that this is not babysitting was what convinced us to join him up. The structure and knowing that he is doing something physical is very important to us.  As busy parents, the assistance with homework after school is a great help and to have someone help Ethan with Mathletics and other activities each day is very valuable. I also love that he is learning Kenpo.  All the teachers are great, it is like a family. The opportunity for him to learn a sport and keep fit is also wonderful. The opening hours are also suited to those of us who work in the city.  My son is an only child and I believe it is important for him to spend time and share space with other kids. At Kicks, he is learning how to do that each day. He respects adults and is gaining confidence.  Thanks for everything that you guys do for him, I can see him becoming more confident and capable every day and I know you have a lot to do with that.
Kelly-Ann Lynch

What a fantastic program you have! Thank you for teaching our children the principles of kenpo, for your dedication and a friendly environment!
Mrs Joshi

It’s not just a martial arts program, It’s a leadership program for kids. It takes children and makes them into adults. So it looks at their martial arts and their physical abilities, but it also looks into their education and helps them with their studies, does their homework and things like that in the afternoon, and also the safety factor.

So, as a parent, you want to know where your kids are after school, and the fact that they get picked up from school, brought here, they’re fed a healthy meal, healthy snacks, that’s really important to us. So it was a holistic program where it looks after their whole being. It’s really great to watch your kids grow, and watching them learn new skills, but not just martial arts, but life skills, and knowing that in today’s day lives where there’s so many things that could cause harm to our kids, knowing that my daughter knows how to protect herself is really great. Being able to come out of her shell and stand up to an adversary is really great,to watch her grow and know that she’s in safe hands.

The staff here are fantastic. They look after the kids like they’re their own. It’s one big family. Mr. Giovenco has led that. Everyone’s a friend, everyone’s a mentor. The children look up to all the adults here. It’s a holistic approach to a family, and I couldn’t encourage it more. Do it. Absolutely do it. It’s been fantastic for our family. It’s been great for our kids, but also for ourselves. And it really is a family. I’ve made some great mates here, both in the adults and the other families, and Mr. Giovenco is friend and mentor to me.

Mr Davis

I saw the KICKS bus parked outside PCYC Auburn. I later saw a flyer at the reception of the place and called the number listed on the flyer to make further enquires..and I was impressed with KICKS services they had to offer.  I was originally hunting for any form of martial arts for both my daughters, aged 7 yrs & 9 yrs. I feel that the KICKS After School program was the right choice as they also offered to pick my kids from their school to the location that I normally take my children to. Then my kids are also involved in the Kenpo martial arts in the KICKS program, which to me was an added bonus! So it worked out well for my family and I.  Homework help and constant adult supervision are a plus! Serving snacks for hungry tummies, after school, is a lovely idea.  The instructors are so nice and respectful, giving praise where its due. They have a balance of being assertive yet fun. This is why my kids enjoy the KICKS program week after week.

Being in KICKS & KENPO uniform is really impressive..unlike being in ordinary clothes or the children’s school uniform.  My daughters now have more confidence & self control. Less clingy! Respect for others has grown. A sense of pride, knowing if an incident was to occur they would have some knowledge of defending themselves.  I have been recommending KICKS often. I really put much importance into kids knowing how to feel confident within themselves knowing they have an ability to defend themselves. Also this contributes towards having self control and being mindful and alert to their surroundings daily, where ever they may be.

Rita Connell

My daughter is a very energetic child so for her being able to do this and be active in a place where that is encouraged, and embraced has been very good for her. It’s been very relaxing, it’s been very calming for her. You can definitely tell the days that she comes here, versus days she doesn’t come here. She arrives home much more centered, and much more relaxed. So that has really helped her gain some more balance in her life. It was great,

We got to see some of the kids in action, there was some sparring as well which was fun. My daughter came home that day like really motivated to continue her journey along her belts. So she wanted to look at all the belts she had before, and then we went out in celebration. This has been an integral part of her structure in school to the point where she asks me when the next grading is going to be and she’s excited.

It’s a great learning environment for the kids, it’s a great opportunity. It is a fantastic place to get the benefits of both learning a new skill, and continuing with her school education. They come home having done their homework, and having spent some of their energy. So it’s great, excellent family time.

Alex Mrvaljevich

I saw the kicks bus driving around Newington and Googled to find out more.  It’s a combination after school and self defence program. And looked like a lot of fun for my daughter.  To me it feels easier on kids to partake in the classes and also easier for parents as it’s all in one place.  She has become part of the Kenpo community and continues to improve her skills. She’s made more friends and has strong confidence. Thanks for all the effort you put in for Eve and all the kicks kids. Thanks for providing such a great service!
David McGregor

Kiri and David – thank you for running such a great program and taking care of my two little kindy boys – they love Kicks and the staff there.
The Farag Family

The teachers here are great, when she’s a little bit unsure about things, she seems to nut them out. And I see them and Naplan and things like that are great, dramatically gone up. I really encourage people to come. Her confidence level, that was one of our main thing that we brought her to Kicks, was to kind of get her out of her shell. Now she’s just got the life, sticking around she’s very, very confident probably a little bit over-confident at times, but she’s really come out of her shell. And that also means with her education as well. She’s a lot more confident in standing up, talking to crowds, talking in front of the class. Before K50 she couldn’t do that.

Absolutely awesome when you see your children grow in this art, it is spectacular when you see them come out. And before, in front of the crowd, I think is the highlight of me watching my daughter in front of everybody with no fear, and just bringing it out. I guess every parent has that fear at first that they might get hurt, or anything like that but with the instructors here, they’re very professional. There’s no forcing, there’s no roughness, it’s all very handled professionally.

Do it, absolutely do it. Come in, see it, do it, even the parents join up. The whole experience is just one big family and its just absolutely awesome. I can’t praise it enough. I wish I did it earlier. They’re all fantastic, all I can say is I encourage you to come. Just come, do it, join. Get involved, you are not going to regret it at all. And your children will love it. And the community, you’ll get to know your community more. It’s a great atmosphere. I couldn’t speak any more about it, it’s just awesome. Just get here.

Heath Mason

What an amazing effort from all of you at Kicks. Really proud to see how Lili is doing and all the other kids, great discipline and wonderful lifelong lessons being learnt xoxo Thanks! We really appreciate all that you are doing
Mrs Coubrough

Thank you for all your support with our kids. You are an amazing team, my daughter enjoys every day in KICKS.
Mr Reyes

I required after school care and liked the idea that my daughter would be learning a new discipline such as KENPO. I love that it is 5 minutes from my house, so very convenient for pick up!  She has matured a lot in the last 12 months. I think the structure and discipline of KENPO has helped. Other benefits are the school pick up, afternoon tea, homework time & school holiday program.  David and his team do a great job creating a fun and safe environment for my daughter. She loves attending the KENPO classes and we as parents enjoy her progress!  I have recommended KICKS to quite a few mums from NPS. Those kids now attend the after school program.
Verena Trenkner

Enrol Your Children in KICKS After School

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