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About Our Newington School

The suburb of Newington owes it’s existence to the Sydney 2000 Olypic and Paralympic Games.  this was the home of the Athlete’s Village during those events.  The first Newington School was originally the Medical and Physiotherapy Centre for the Athlete’s.

Newington Public School opened its doors to the Newington community in 2002.  In 2010 six additional classrooms were added and since then more demountable classrooms have been included into the school plan.  With approximately 1000 students at the start of 2018 this Newington School is reaching capacity. To handle the booming young generation in the area a new school is opening in 2018; Wentworth Point Public School.

Newington School Pickup
Newington Public School & KICKS After School

The Best After School Care Alternative For This Newington School

KICKS is a great alternative to after school care. We provide free school pick-up, healthy snacks, martial arts lessons & teach leadership skills to boost confidence in young children. Much more powerful than traditional after school care; KICKS will help your child develop into a strong & confident leader.

We have been working with this Newington School since 2012.

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